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New Rolling Co-Op Funds Coming to Allied Air Distributors

Posted on: Nov 03, 2020 by Trent Davis
 New Rolling Co-Op Funds Coming to Allied Air Distributors

Allied Air’s New Rolling Co-Op Funds

For many of our distributor partners, it’s often common to experience the following issues with their marketing funds.

The first is that co-op funds earned near the end of the year begin to expire before they have a chance to use them. The second, is that because their co-op balance begins the new year at zero, it can be difficult to fund their first quarter marketing efforts.

While these challenges are common throughout the industry, Allied Air has taken a stand to deliver more usable and accessible funds to our clients. Allied Air will now implement rolling co-op funds that only expire on a rolling 12-month calendar basis, rather than a strict yearly calendar. These changes will even allow our customers to use their unspent funds going back retroactively to October 1st, 2020.

What Does This Mean for You?

  1. This means that any co-op you earn in the last quarter of 2020, (October, November, and December) will not expire at the end of the year. Instead, you’ll start the new year with these funds in your pocket.
  2. Additionally, going forward you’ll have 12 months to spend any rolling co-op funds from the date that they’re earned.

Our distributor marketing contacts will also receive detailed guidance on our updated policies via email. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our marketing team.

We’re committed to being the easiest HVAC OEM to do business with. We’re confident that our new policy will free up your teams to make new, timely investments into driving your business.