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Change to Chance

Posted on: Jan 24, 2023 by Kim McGill
 Change to Chance

The world now changes so quickly that it’s impossible for business to be prepared for every eventuality. There are countless tools and frameworks for scenario planning, but factor only traditional challenges businesses typically face. With today’s rapid change it’s imperative that leaders create, encourage, and instill a dynamic fluid continuous improvement strategy. It’s disruptive. Some change is so incredible that it’s upending and forces a transformation

Dynamic strategic planning starts with identifying what you control. Tame and contain complexity in the business. Complexity can lead to confusion and misalignment which is bad for business. Too many layers of complexity can be stifling to innovation, customer service experiences, and growth potential. When complexity exists, teams retreat into silos and stay focused on their specific goals and objectives. Complexity threatens collaboration and the ability to excel cross-functionally. In your strategic planning, declare the problems your business is facing where complexity is crippling. Lay the framework for how it can be simplified. What processes must be revamped or removed all together? Are there clear owners of the processes and what authority do they need to simplify their processes?

For HVAC manufacturers that want to break through barriers of mediocrity and encourage true innovation, the following principles are helpful to keep in mind.

Create a safe space for challengers who are willing to challenge the norm. Encourage ideas to be shared promptly and without judgment. Build trust so that teams are comfortable sharing and instill an open and honest communication both to and from your teams. Lastly, connect the team with the ‘why’ of what you’re doing. When people understand the purpose of the goals and objectives laid out for them and the role they play in the process, they become connected to the mission and will be engaged in solving problems. The people closest to the work are in the best position to solve any issues and roadblocks. They just need to be released to act. Prepare for change. It’s inevitable. We’ve all heard the saying, “the one constant is change.” So then, if we all know this to be true, why are people so resistant?

One word…fear. Fear of the unknown. As change occurs, it brings uncertainty leaving teams feeling like the rug was pulled out from under them. This is especially true if they are left out of the discussions. When the people closest to the work are excluded from the decision for the change or lack trust in the leader, they’ll be resistant to changing. To successfully navigate change, it’s imperative the team be involved in the journey. Prepare your teams for accepting change and establish the framework for navigating change that leads to good business building. What does that transformation look like for your HVAC manufacturing business? Give your business a chance by preparing it for change today. It is a constant and inevitable. How businesses prepare and respond to change separates those that thrive from the others. How you respond will be defined by how well your business is aligned and prepared. Here are some tips on how you can turn change into opportunities that give your business strength.