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Getting Your Emails in Front of Your Heating and Air Customers

Posted on: Aug 14, 2023 by Katie Andrews
 Getting Your Emails in Front of Your Heating and Air Customers

One of the main reasons businesses shy away from email marketing is that, if not executed correctly, emails can easily end up in a user’s spam folder. This can be avoided by following good practices and adhering to the CAN-SPAM Act. In 2017, Statista reported that 49% of consumers wanted to receive promotional emails from their favorite heating and air distributors. It can be difficult to reach customers in the field or who are always on the go. Email marketing, if done correctly, can help bridge that gap and successfully promote your business.

  1. Choosing the right platform
    It’s important to choose the right bulk email platform for your business so that you can effectively reach your audience. If you are a large heating and air distributor with a lot of contacts, an enterprise solution might be the best choice for your business. On the other hand, a smaller company that is growing fast would need a solution that will grow with them over time.

  2. Utilizing the platform
    Choosing the right platform is one thing, using it correctly and to the best of its abilities is another. Utilizing the platform that you have chosen can help ensure that you receive the best use of your resources.

    Add personalization

    With the help of your chosen platform, each email can be personalized to include the recipient’s details. By personalizing your emails, the customers feel seen and like they are an individual. According to Experian, an email’s transaction rate is 6x higher when it’s personalized.

    Share relevant content

    It is important to value your customer’s time by sending information they would find useful or interesting. When an email contains relevant content, a subscriber is more likely to engage with your email, and they might even look forward to the next one.

    Create effective call-to-actions

    When it comes to email marketing, having your call to action (CTA) at the top of the email eliminates the need for scrolling to take action. It should also be clear and concise, so the customer knows what you want them to do. Effective CTAs increase recipient interaction and the success of your marketing campaign.

    Experiment with A/B testing

    Campaign Monitor defines A/B testing as a way to compare two versions of a campaign to see which has the best results. By doing this, it is easier to see what works for your audiences. This type of test will help improve open rates and overall email engagement.

  3. Optimizing for Mobile
    Everything needs to be easily accessible on a mobile device. Customers want to access applications, or emails, on the go. In terms of email marketing, this means ensuring your email is mobile friendly. HubSpot Blog Research reported last year that 41% of email views come from mobile devices while only 39% are viewed on a desktop.

    Craft short subject lines

    When creating email campaigns, using short subject lines to grab the customer's attention is especially important for mobile friendly emails. What might look short and sweet on a computer could end up being long and drawn out on a phone screen.

    Vertical view

    Emails that are easy to view in a browser might not fit on a mobile screen. Modern email providers offer responsive email templates, and these templates appear in a vertical view on mobile. When designing your emails ensure they are stacking correctly in your mobile view.

    Allow easy unsubscribing

    To make sure you are getting the best outcome for your heating and air email marketing campaign, it is important to only send emails to those who want them and have opted in to receiving promotions. Because of that, having an unsubscribe link easily accessible and easy to view helps keep your email list clean. It also helps the sender’s reputation and increases engagement rates.

    At the end of the day, email marketing is a sound investment to make if you are willing to follow certain guidelines to keep your message out of a user’s spam folder. By choosing the right platform, utilizing that platform, and making sure your email is mobile friendly, you will be able to reach customers who are busy and on the go more effectively.