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Leading In the After

Posted on: Apr 27, 2022 by Joe Nassab
 Leading In the After

In business, there’s always a new challenge to deal with. As leaders, it is crucial to prepare our people, our company, and our customers for what’s next. The question we should all ask ourselves is: are we ready for the after?

At every turn in the day, week, month, quarter, or year, leaders face new and unique challenges. No matter what cards we’re dealt, it’s crucial to remain steady and consistent—this too shall pass!

This year, if nothing else, has shown us that we can survive. It may not have been perfect. I am on calls daily with customers trying to manage through the changes. However, we’ve stayed close to our customers. Here’s how we recommend building mutual trust:

  • Be proactive in your communication
  • Use a steady tone and demeanor
  • Extend grace to one another
  • Stay and remain close (to your people and your customers)

You’ve been careful about bringing on new customers. At Allied Air, we’ve worked with you to help make some of those calls. This is what we must do; remain flexible and adaptable. We can all be certain of one constant in all this change, and that’s the need to be proactive in communications. That’s why a steady tone and a consistent demeanor are so crucial.

We all must extend grace to one another. This grace is paired with the understanding that no one looks for opportunities to be difficult. Lastly, we encourage you and your organization to remain close to your people and your customers. As things begin to feel normal, your next big challenge coming is to keep your customers. This is the time when competitors begin to rise from their ashes and rush to get their customers back.

It's been an exciting time to work in the HVAC industry. We should all be proud to serve in an essential industry—before, during, and after these challenging times! When you’re deciding how to help your business flourish, building mutual trust through intelligent leadership is crucial.

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