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Relationships That Add Value

Posted on: Jul 01, 2022 by Kyle Brown
 Relationships That Add Value

We are still living with the effects of a global pandemic. Because of these times, we’ve had to quickly learn and adapt to a new way of thinking to keep everyone safe. This includes the way HVAC distributors serviced their customers in these trying times. With travel restrictions imposed by most corporations, people were not allowed to go about their daily “normal” routines. 

Our Distributor Service Representatives (DSRs) stepped up for their distributors and demonstrated just how important it is to have local technical support for their dealers. Some of our Level 4 DSRs used their training labs with Allied Air equipment to conduct live “hands-on” virtual classes for our annual DSR Technical Training Conference. This was very well received by conference attendees—and demonstrated how valuable it is to have a DSR who is an extension of the manufacturer.  

It’s this Train-the-Trainer approach that allowed DSRs to be prepared for anything. We provide product training, training materials/platform/funding, and coaching while working with the DSRs to understand the distributors' and their dealers’ needs. 

This approach equipped DSRs to serve their customers with a personalized approach to technical questions and training contractors to service, install, and sell Allied Air branded equipment with confidence. During red carpet tours, I have always asked dealers: what are you looking for in an OEM? 95% of the time, the answer is equipment knowledge and technical support. 

With all the changes that have happened over the past two years, we have learned some valuable lessons on different ways to train. One of the main lessons is that virtual training is not only a viable alternative, but it also reaches a diversified audience that can multiply that training. 

We watched a lot of DSRs switch to the virtual hands-on training model. DSRs are more than a person you contact when something is wrong. They’re a trusted technical expert that your dealers come to rely on. That reliance leads to lasting relationships with the distributor. A confident well-trained DSR will gain the respect of the trade—and directly benefit your business growth. As competition increases, these relationships help keep dealers loyal to you. 

There are a few obvious ways to add value to your customer's business, but nothing is as obvious as your DSR. At Allied Air, we take great pride in making DSRs an extremely valuable asset to your business and their success. Contact us today to learn more how about how to differentiate yourself in the HVAC industry.