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The Successful HVAC Dealer’s Guide to Driving Business

Posted on: Jun 22, 2023 by Becca Kingery
 The Successful HVAC Dealer’s Guide to Driving Business

Dealers who win in their markets know how to put themselves in the driver’s seat towards success in the world of HVAC small business. Faced with unpredictable market forces, these HVAC dealers never overlook what’s truly important – what they control.

HVAC Dealers who win control:

1. What equipment they can rely on and from whom they trust to support them buying it.

2. How important and necessary product and sales training are to their success.

3. Advertising to their local markets, not just relying on word-of-mouth.

4. Closing more sales by helping homeowners fund such a major purchase

HVAC Dealers that win know how invaluable product sales training and product technical training are to their company’s success

1. Equipment They Can Trust, From A Distributor That Has Their Back

Putting their company’s reputation on the line with a product that they can trust will be fully supported by their distributor and the OEM. When it’s designed with some of the highest quality standards in the industry they see fewer callbacks, best-in-class labor and replacement programs, and a comprehensive extended warranty, all leading to confidence to sell and install it. Now that’s a win-win.

2. Knowledge Is Power

Working in HVAC requires more than YouTubing how-to videos especially as higher efficiency standards drive heating and cooling technology today. Dealer’s that win know how invaluable product sales training and product technical training are to their company’s success. Successful dealers take full advantage of the training curriculum offered by their Distributor Service Reps (DSRs) and third-party sales training from territory managers.

3. Number One Brand Their Selling Is Themselves Successful

Dealers know that the first brand they must ‘sell’ is their own because people buy from people they trust. That’s why word-of-mouth is so prevalent in a service industry for a product most people only buy once or twice in their lifetime. The refer-a-friend style of advertising keeps the lights on. To get true growth, the type of growth that leads to multi-million-dollar business, comes from proactively advertising. Get the phone to ring.

4. Making Comfortable What’s an Uncomfortable, Expensive Purchase Successful

Dealers know that 70% of homeowners need the option of financing as an option to buy and dealers don’t let their own apprehension from learning financing programs keep them from giving homeowners that choice. They know that most homeowners would not expect the dealer to be a financing expert rather they’d respect a dealer who offered it and put them in touch with the financing experts. Distributors biggest challenge today is keeping good quality dealers. Those that become well entrenched in the development of their dealers have a better chance of keeping those dealers. Allied Air provides the support you need through our Dealer Program. To get customizable copies of the Dealer Program booklet go to Marketing, then “Dealer Management” on AlliedConnect.com.