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Armstrong Air® and AirEase™ Introduce the A802E Two-Stage Constant Torque Gas Furnace at Mid-Price Point with Enhanced Energy Savings

Posted on: Aug 16, 2021 by Katie Andrews
 Armstrong Air® and AirEase™ Introduce the A802E Two-Stage Constant Torque Gas Furnace at Mid-Price Point with Enhanced Energy Savings

West Columbia, South Carolina – Allied Air Enterprises, a Lennox International Inc. Company, has expanded its gas furnace offering with the Armstrong Air® and AirEaseA802E 80% Two-Stage Constant Torque (CT) gas furnace to provide a smoother progression from entry-level single stage products to two-stage true variable speed furnaces.

“When energy savings, comfort and price are important, the new A802E Two-Stage CT Gas Furnace represents an excellent value proposition for dealers,” said Trent Davis, Director of Marketing, Allied Air Enterprises. “The two-stage gas valve adjusts heat output to help optimize comfort and efficiency, making it a great step up from the single-stage product and helps consumers not looking to invest in a top of the line product.”

For distributors and dealers looking for non-condensing gas furnace equipment, the Two-Stage CT gas furnace is built for consistent temperatures while using less energy. With multiple configurations and built-in technology, the two-stage gas furnace offers long-term reliability and streamlined maintenance, supporting Allied Air’s U.S. distributor and dealer base.

The Armstrong Air and AirEase A802E Two-Stage Gas Furnace Features:

  • Two-stage gas valve adjusts heat output
  • EHX™ Technology - a patented design that helps improve heat exchange and durability
  • Constant torque ECM blower motor helps produce consistent air flow/even temperatures
  • Quiet Combustion technology uses a lower Btu input per burner, reducing start-up and operating noise
  • Precision Service technology applies a thoughtful approach to component placement and attachment, making service and maintenance easier for technicians
  • Limited Lifetime heat exchanger warranty†
  • 10-year limited parts warranty†

Designed to fit precisely within your customer’s budget, the two-stage gas valve and constant torque blower motor help enhance comfort and reduce energy consumption across five different operating speeds. That enables customers to get even more for their money.

For more information on the new Armstrong Air and AirEase Two-Stage CT Gas Furnace, please visit www.alliedair.com.

†Timely registration required (except in California, Quebec, or any other jurisdiction where registration requirements to effectuate warranties are prohibited by law). We encourage you to read the full terms and conditions at www.armstrongair.com and www.airease.com.  

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